Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fantastic Feedback from Marketing Clinic Event

We got some fantastic feedback from the businesses and entrepreneurs assisted at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and BIC marketing clinic event, so I thought I'd post it here.

Thanks go to the CIM consultants for volunteering their time and expertise, Capital International for their support as sponsor and of course all the businesses who participated.

“I had a very good meeting and feel that I am more secure in what I am doing to promote our Company to take it forward and also got some good ideas from the consultant too. You can never learn enough about running a business and it is satisfying to know that the Isle of Man Government do everything in their power to support small business.”

“The appointment was of benefit to my business – the consultant had some great practical ideas to get me focussed and started. 45 mins was sufficient to offer some meaningful advice. Kate was also there to follow up on some general business advice”.

“We found the event both of interest and it was helpful to us as we found our advisor knowledgeable in terms of building a marketing plan.”

“We had prepared in advance a fairly comprehensive plan so it was pleasing to hear from our advisor that we had not missed any glaring modules in our implementation.”

“It clarified that we are on along the right lines with marketing but as always we have a very restrictive budget for this."

“It was lovely to meet you and thank you for forwarding the extra details to me, it's very much appreciated.”

“Congratulations on holding such a successful Marketing Clinic, I know I received a great deal from my meeting.”

"The appointment was very beneficial to me – it confirmed I was on the right track with many of the things I am doing and highlighted/gave ideas of what else I could be doing”

"Very relaxed and professional – they gave their full attention and really good advice. At no point did it feel like a free advice appointment!”

“I found the meeting to be of great help and has reinspired me to move forward, it’s a difficult time for many, especially new business. I found the consultants ideas and thoughts very helpful indeed and would highly recommend her."

"The meeting was very beneficial and all the people I met were professional and helpful. It gave me ideas to look into to promote my business and think clearly about customer perception.”

“I found the event very worthwhile and the consultant had a good understanding of the nature of the business I’m in and the type of clients I need to reach. He had some great ideas and suggestions that I now need to follow up.”

"For the first time in 175 years I now believe that my business now has the basis of a marketing strategy. Cathy who we saw carefully explained the 7Ps, something that I had never been aware of. From this we have been able to "sort ourselves out" rather than relying on advertising as and when it feels like a good idea. Here's to the next 175 years!"

“Thank you for last week. I know how much organisation that sort of thing takes and wanted you to know how much I appreciated it.”

“Huge thank-you for all the useful information that you willingly provided. I feel inspired and energised!! I very much appreciate your practical advice.”

“The Clinic was really good and of great benefit.”

“I was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the Chartered Marketer that I consulted with. She had at her fingertips easy solutions to what I thought were problems. A very inspiring consultation.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for the appointment it was very helpful- the guidance is already helping. Just sent 2 emails and they both came back and said they love the web site ! A big thank you!”

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Success for First Ever Marketing Clinics Staged on the Isle of Man

Marketing clinics organised by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Isle of Man Business Incubator (BIC) were a resounding success for local businesses.

At the first event of its kind on the Isle of Man, thirty businesses from a broad range of sectors including manufacturing, software, local produce, healthcare, retail and professional services benefitted from tailored expert marketing guidance provided by twelve Isle of Man chartered marketing professionals who donated their time to provide dedicated 45 minute appointments.

Kate Lord, Isle of Man Business Incubator said, “The outstanding success and interest in the marketing clinics shows the appetite of local businesses to access continued learning opportunities to improve business performance and be competitive. That we can hold this event using local expertise is evidence that investment by government in professional programmes, such as CIM and business start-up support works and has payback and value in the broader business community.”

Participating businesses were a mix of graduates and clients of BIC, Small Business Start Up Scheme and local businesses, established and new. Endorsement and feedback was excellent with most participants saying the advice benefitted their businesses, provided focus, helped them look at the most profitable activity and inspired them to achieve more.

CIM Isle of Man Chair Cathy Cowin said: “We are delighted at how successful this event has been. The feedback we have received is wonderful and we are pleased to have been able to facilitate this event and offer marketing expertise to a cross-section of local businesses. It was the perfect time to stage the clinics, during a week which celebrates marketing. We hope to host this event again as it provides a helping hand to professionals in what is an important and essential process.”

The clinics were held during Marketing Week at the new Isle of Man Business Centre with the generous support of Capital International.