Thursday, May 12, 2011

Isle of Man Agricultural Advisory Service from DEFA

Today BIC learned about this great service from Isle of Man Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture  (DEFA).

The DEFA agricultural advisory service is a free service for all agricultural businesses in the Isle of Man, providing help and advice on a wide range of topics, both technical (what and how much to feed animals, crop husbandry, and so on) and business (cashflow, budgets, investment appraisals, account analysis, business planning, etc).

Through this advice provision DEFA brings together farms and related businesses who wish to diversify, either agriculturally (e.g. novel livestock such as milking goats) and non-agricultural (equine enterprises, holiday accommodation, and so on). To help facilitate some of these ideas Andrew McDonald, Senior Agricultural Advisor at DEFA has been running an action learning sets with farming groups.  Assistance had been provided on the basics of farm diversification, in terms of the planning and market research, business planning, risk analysis, etc.

For more information on DEFA and the Agricultural Advisory Service visit .